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Langlixia is a language school with more than 25-year-old teaching foreign languages experience. We provide you with a great chance to learn your favorite language with the best tutors and train your speaking with native speakers. Our online courses are intended for ultimate beginners as well as for students who want to enhance their level of knowledge. At our online classes, you will immerse in the interactive system of learning a language that includes all the ways of studying.


OYou will learn vocabulary using associations, augmented reality, speaking, creating dialogs, watching videos, and listening. Our experienced tutor will help you learn vocabulary with ease.


At our online courses, you will learn to read fluently and recreate a text you have read. We offer our students to read interesting stories about famous people, exciting dialogs, and useful articles adopted for your level.


Listening is a very important part of studying a foreign language that allows learning to percept a language aurally.

Spelling & writing

At our online courses, you will learn the spelling of more than 1000 words in a foreign language. Moreover, you will learn to write compositions, blog articles, and express your opinion on any topic.


Our online courses include Grammar lessons, where you memorize Grammar rules and use them in practice by doing interesting exercises.


Our online courses include Speaking club with a native speaker and provide you with a great chance to practice the language that you learn in the group with other students and a native speaker.

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What Langlixia Offer You?

  • Online classes with a flexible schedule
  • Experienced tutors
  • Interactive classes in small groups (5-7 students)
  • Exciting exercises
  • Speaking club with a native speaker
  • Augmented reality studying materials
  • Individual lessons
online courses

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